What We’ll Be Up To Next Week


Oh, so many plans!  As usual. 🙂  Here’s what we’ll be getting accomplished in the week ahead:

Language Arts:  We’ll keep reading To Kill a Mockingbird and doing accompanying activities.  Similes, metaphors, allusions, and more, oh my!  We’ll also continue with our daily grammar review.

Math:  We’ll finish up a unit on number theory with greatest common factor and least common multiple word problems.  Then we’ll move on to an exciting review of multiplying and dividing decimals.  Some more I Wish I Knew That Math is in our future, too.

Science:  Grace is still working on the physical science unit in Spectrum Science, so she’ll keep on with that.  More Middle School Chemistry is also on the agenda.

Social Studies:  Grace finished up her Ancient China folder (well, everything except actually putting it all together), so we’ll begin a Hands on History lesson on China.  Grace will be creating a museum that features artifacts from three different ancient dynasties.

Field Trips:  Grace will be attending her second Orienteering class and a Nature Explorations class.  She’s more excited than usual about Nature Explorations because they’re planning to do dissections. 🙂

Grace’s Choice:  Who knows what Grace will pick?  Last week she worked on a Harry Potter fan fiction piece and started a new original story.

Have a fantastic week!

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  1. I would love to join your Language Arts class. I haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird even though I have been planning to read it since November.

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