Similes and Metaphors


One of Grace’s To Kill a Mockingbird activities today involved identifying and using similes and metaphors.  She found several examples of similes and metaphors in the book before writing her own paragraph using the comparisons.  She chose to write about “a trip to the lake” for her paragraph, and I think she did a fantastic job of packing this short piece with similes and metaphors. 😀


My aunt thought going to the lake would be fun.  “You’ll be as jittery as a june bug!” she said.  How was she supposed to know a hurricane as big as her pride was coming in?  The storm was a beast.  Rain as cold as ice pounded against the roof.  In the house, the couch was our shelter.  Aunt Page was a statue.  Yep, I’m as jittery as a june bug, alright.

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  1. We’ve been reading Sarah Bishop by Scott O’Dell, and I marked a simile earlier this week to share with you guys 🙂 “He was not carrying a gun, but he had a nose that was turned up in such a way that you peered right into his nostrils. In the torchlight they looked like the barrels of two pistols.”

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