An Ancient Chinese Poem…From Today


Today’s post was originally going to be about Grace’s Ancient China folder or some of our most recent science experiments, but then Grace did something super-awesome, so I’m going to share that instead.  (Don’t worry…that other stuff will make it to the blog soon.)  In Social Studies, we’ve started a Hands On History lesson about Ancient China.  As part of the lesson, Grace is creating several “artifacts” from various dynasties.  One of her “artifacts” was a Yeuh-Fu poem.  Some of the characteristics of Yeuh-Fu poetry are lines that rhyme and imagery from nature.  After reading an example and choosing a theme (life is fragile like a spider’s web), this is what Grace came up with:


As the silk ripples

With raindrops round

Wind rages and changes,

Yet we are bound

To fall to the cold, hard ground.

The webs spiders spin

And mortal men’s skin

Still dying without a sound.


Wow, right?!?!  I think she did such a fantastic job with this assignment. 😀  I did help her out with some punctuation when we typed it up for the blog, but here’s a picture of her original:


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  1. This is truly a wonderful poem – for any age. I have a Grace who was home schooled. She is now 18 and is discerning her next step – possibly community college or mission school.

    Thanks for the post. I’ll be back.

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