Three: Part One


Grace is back to writing fiction!  Here’s the first part of her new story, “Three.”  I know I’m intrigued…can’t wait to read more!


Boom boom

Blood like fire, burning and churning in her veins.

The beat like a drum, driving me insane.

Her hair on her neck, soft curls of caramel

shielding her from me.

Nowhere to turn, no choice but to burn,

Her soft curls of caramel.

Boom boom.


I wasn’t prepared that day. I really wasn’t. I wanted nothing but to go home. Nothing this loud could have fit in my life there. Oh well.

It just came to me. I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t even want it at the time. It was just there. I was leaving for school, not to go destroy the world. A small box was sitting on the doorstep. It was red with three dark crimson lines scratched across the top. It sort of made an upside-down triangle, like this: \|/ . I instantly smelled something salty, something intoxicating. I picked up the box, realizing it was heavier than I had expected. I traced my fingers over the lines, feeling something warm and wet. I inspected my now red fingers and decided what the substance was . Blood. Fresh blood. Hours old. I decided a box covered in fresh blood on my doorstep was more important than school and stepped back into my house. The woman was there again, standing in the kitchen, watching me. She had short brown hair and gray eyes. She looked nothing like me.

Are you going to school today?” she asked. I didn’t answer. I never answered to strangers. Unfortunately, everyone was a stranger. I’m sure the woman thinks I’m a mute. She took a step closer.

I know you can hear me,” she whispered. I stared at her. I could hear her, but she wasn’t supposed to know that. Dangit.

I know you can hear me, and I want you to know this. I am your mother. You are my daughter. Your name is Sarah Janie Motes. You have blue eyes and blonde hair that turns brown at the curls. You ran away as a girl and were attacked. You lost your mind and stopped talking. You think you are someone you’re not. You think you are something you are not.” I smiled. This woman was funny.

She thought I was human, but I am not. My name is Lyria. I am young, and I am lost. I have dark red eyes and blindingly white hair. I am not human.

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    • She does have quite the imagination. The books we read are all over the place. Right now we’re reading To Kill a Mockingbird…before that we read The Hobbit, Three Cups of Tea, The Mark of Athena… We read a lot. 😀 Most of the things we watch are science fiction or fantasy…lots of Star Trek and Doctor Who. It has to be on Netflix though. We did away with cable a few years ago and never looked back. 😉

      • Ah, I commend you for reading “To Kill a Mockingbird”. She’s younger than I was when I read it, but the language and concepts are basic enough, certainly, for someone with her intellect and maturity to grasp. More than this, it’s an absolute beautiful work. I don’t usually recommend it, but you might even consider some time after reading the book watching the movie (with Gregory Peck). Unlike many film adaptations, this movie tells the story quite well.

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