Character Analysis: “Scout” Jean Louise Finch


Scout, the main character in To Kill a Mockingbird, is an adventurous young girl who is not like your typical lady. I think Scout is a good person, but sometimes lets her temper, and curiosity, get the best of her.

Scout is forthcoming and bold, saying what she means the first time. She cares about her family and friends deeply and will defend them in a fight. Because of her boldness, she sometimes loses her head when someone insults her family. You can see this when she chased her cousin who insulted Atticus. She also seems to stay consistent under pressure, keeping her head and thinking things through. Unfortunately, her love for her family is the only thing that causes her to lose her temper and act without thinking. For example, she attacks a man who insults Atticus when he stands up for Tom Robinson.

Scout is curious and brave; exploring Maycomb with her friends is one of her favorite activities. When she meets Dill, her best friend, she begins to learn about the Radley Place, making her more curious than ever. She, Dill, and Jem often try to get Boo, a “ghost” that lives in the Radley Place, to come out.

Unlike the other ladies of Maycomb, Scout is not very proper. She wears pants and plays in the dirt, causing the women to look down on her. She likes herself the way she is and has no intention of changing. This is a very important part of Scout’s character. It separates her from all the other people in Maycomb. When Aunt Alexandra tries to convince Scout to be a “lady”, she refuses.

Based on this information, I would say that Scout is a bold, caring person, thinking about her family before herself and willing to break the rules to do what’s right. I would like to have a friend like her, mainly because she would stick up for me.

-Grace ❤

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