An Important Theme in To Kill a Mockingbird


Yep, we’re still working on To Kill a Mockingbird.  We’ve finished reading the book, but there’s so much more exploring to do!  Today, Grace finished up an essay on what she believes is the most important theme in the book.  Of course, there are several themes in To Kill a Mockingbird, but she had to choose just one.  Here’s what she had to say:


I think that stereotypes are the main theme in To Kill a Mockingbird because of how strongly they are used. People seem to have many stereotypes toward black people and women.

A stereotype is when you judge someone based solely on their appearance. If you looked at Scout, you would think that she is very boyish and wild. You would be starting a stereotype towards Scout. What you wouldn’t know is that Scout is very well-behaved because you didn’t get to know her. This shows that stereotypes cannot always be trusted.

One of the most common stereotypes in To Kill a Mockingbird is toward black people. This stereotype was obviously started by the white people. It is believed that black people are not as good as white people, just because their skin is a different color.

Another common stereotype in the book is toward women. This stereotype has been around before Maycomb, but it is highly believed them women should be “ladies.” This means that they should wear dresses, cook and clean, act respectful, and be completely polite in everything they do.

Even though people create and follow stereotypes all the time, they are not always true. “Boo” Radley, for instance, was believed to be a monster, figuratively and literally. But really, he was just a man who liked his privacy. This stereotype was most likely formed on the fact that “Boo” is so quiet, rarely coming out of his home.

Often stereotypes are untrue, but some have some sort of truth to them. For example, Aunt Alexandria is believed to be a lady just because she dresses like one. This is true, because her appearance reflects greatly on her personality.

Over all, I believe that stereotypes are a large part of To Kill a Mockingbird and reflect deeply on the people of the time. I also think that if there were no stereotypes, the book would be completely different. Stereotypes have proven that, even if they are sometimes wrong, they play a large part in people’s lives, then and now.

-Grace ❤

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