Three: Part Two


Here is the next piece of Grace’s story, “Three.”

WARNING: Contains some dark and/or violent material that you may not find appropriate for the younger ones.



I ran up the stairs to her room. I shut the door behind me, leaning against it to keep that human from entering. I looked around my hideous room. Everything was purple. Purple walls, purple bed, purple desk. It didn’t help much that Sarah really liked sparkles. Of any person to transfer into, why did I have to pick her?

I stood on the purple desk and pulled open the flap on the ceiling. Shoving the box up first, I hoisted myself into the attic. It was dark and quiet, with a small window in the corner. I loved it in there.

I traced my fingers over the side of the box, trying to find the lid. Instead, I found a small button. I cracked my knuckles and pushed the button. The top of the box slowly flipped open, revealing a small foam-filled compartment. Surrounded by the foam was a beautifully sharp dagger. It had a straight, blood-red blade and a silver hilt. I lightly slid my finger over the side of the blade, admiring the craftsmanship. A screen on the inside of the lid flickered on. A small Shadow sat calmly with her hands folded in her lap. She looked like me, white hair and dark red eyes. She didn’t seem to notice me.

We’ve landed,” she said. “They think we’re coming for them. They think we want blood.” She giggled. I set down the dagger, trying to figure out the Shadow’s words. We didn’t want human blood, we wanted human bodies. Perhaps the humans thought the molecular transfer was us drinking their blood? How comical.

Three,” she whispered, “There shall only be three. The rest shall die. You are the first.” An image of Sarah Motes flickered onto the screen, her soft curls of caramel shielding her neck.

He is the second.” An image of a teenage boy appeared on the screen. He had shaggy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was stretching his lips across his teeth, apparently showing some emotion called happiness.

She is the third.” I saw a young girl sitting on a rock. She was significantly younger than the other two, with bright red pigtails and small dots of pigment across her nose. I would enjoy turning her.

You will destroy the humans. Earth will now become a colony of the Shadows. None will survive.” The screen cut off, leaving me with nothing but a dagger and the scent of blood in my nose. Wait, blood? The intoxicating aroma filled my body. I followed it down into the kitchen, where the woman was sucking on her finger. She pulled it out, revealing a small cut. She looked up at me and smiled.

Going to school now, are we?” she said, smiling. She saw my dagger and her grin quickly faded. “Where’d you get that?” she asked. The smell of her blood filled me, and I swung the dagger, turning the woman to ash. My eyes widened with surprise. I didn’t know we had daggers that could do that. I stepped over the pile, cleaning my blade with a dish towel. This world will become my people’s new home, and nothing will stand in my way.


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