What We’ll Be Up To…


So, here’s a shocker: we didn’t finish up everything we planned on last week.  Imagine that! 😉  Next week promises to be all full of good stuff, so we might just stay “behind” for a while.  So be it. 🙂

Here’s what we’ll be doing:

Language Arts:  Grace finished reading City of Bones and Glitch last week.  She’s got a good start on Starters, and when she finishes that one, she’ll be reading The Alchemyst.  She’ll also be doing a little bit of work on How To Writing and a grammar/writing unit about vocabulary and word structure.

Math:  Grace is still working on algebra, algebra, algebra.  She finally made some breakthroughs on those two-step equations. (Yay!)  I think the rest of our topics in algebra will go much more smoothly. 🙂  We’ve also got some games and books to add to the mix.

Science:  Grace finished up her Spectrum Science unit on Earth and Space Science.  Now it’s time for Science and Technology.  We’ll also be moving into chapter three of Middle School Chemistry…it’s all about density. 🙂

Social Studies:  This is the subject where we really fell behind last week.  We still need to finish up the Ancient India Folder and Hands on History for India.  When we get those all completed, we’re moving on to ancient Greece.

Field Trips:  Grace has her last Orienteering class and a Nature Explorations class next week.  Other than that, I doubt we’ll leave the house. 🙂

Grace’s Choice:  Who knows what she’ll choose?  Last week she made homemade pudding (that’s where dinner conversation will get you!), extra reading, researching how to become an FBI agent, and writing.


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