What We’re Up To


Wowzers!  We have gotten super behind on the blog again.  No worries…we should be back to our regular speed this week. 🙂

If all goes as planned, I’ll be posting our pictures from last week later today.  For now, enjoy a little rambling about our academic plans for the week ahead. 😉

Language Arts:  Grace finished reading Doomed on Friday, so she’ll be starting with The Alchemyst this week.  She’ll also be working on her How-To Writing Unit.  If all goes as planned, we should finish that up this week or early next week.  And, of course, grammar, grammar, grammar.

Math: Grace is still working her way through algebra topics.  I think some of the frustration with the material is starting to dissipate…we’re just tackling things slowly and calmly. 😉  We totally failed to read any I Wish I Knew That Math last week, so we’ll get that wrapped up this week.

Science:  We’ll finish up a chapter in Spectrum Science about science in society.  We’re also still working with Middle School Chemistry.  It looks like we’ll finish the chapter on density this week.  This means that next week begins a chapter on “The Periodic Table and Bonding”…I’m so excited! 😀

Social Studies:  Grace is off to an awesome start learning about ancient Greece.  (Look for pictures later of some of her activities.)  We will keep working with our History Pockets and material from World Civilizations and Cultures.  It turns out there are way more  History Pockets for Greece than I realized, so we may be working with those for two or three weeks yet.  Fun!

Grace’s Choice: Who knows what she’ll pick?  Last week she did some reading, writing, and game designing.  We also did some work with goal setting and journaling. 🙂

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