Homeschool Persuasion


While studying ancient Greece, Grace is learning about the value of a good speech.  One of her assignments today was to write a persuasive speech to sway all of the land to her way of thinking. 😉  Of all the things in the world to write about, she chose to convince the people to homeschool their children. 😀  Here’s what she had to say:

Every parent wants their children to have a good education, but some children have problems with the public school system. Maybe they don’t get along with their classmates? Perhaps they’re having problems, but the teacher never gets to help? It may be as simple as they don’t study. If public school just isn’t working, there is something you could try…homeschool!


Homeschooling is a fun way to teach your child what they need to know in a way just right for them. It allows each child to have one-on-one time with their teacher, making problems with their work easier to solve. Homeschool also gives your family more time together and can build up parent-child bonds. But the best part about homeschool is it creates independent thinkers.


Some families may say that they don’t want their children sitting at home all day, want their kids to socialize more, or simply can’t afford homeschool, but there is a solution…join a homeschool group! This allows your child to meet with other homeschoolers away from the house, and you don’t have to pay for the supplies! Also, you don’t have to quit any current job to homeschool your child; the schedules are extremely flexible.


From a current homeschool student, I must say that it has been a great improvement to my life. I am getting much better grades, bonding with my family, and enjoying every second of it! Maybe homeschooling is right for you?




The planning stages of Grace’s speech.

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