What We’ll Be Up To Next Week


Well, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t goof up our plans for the week last week…add a full week, a sick teacher, and a sudden inspiration for a card game and you get some strangeness in the schedule. ūüôā ¬†And we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t have a ton planned for next week. ¬†Here’s what we’ll be up to:

Language Arts:¬† Grace has started reading The Alchemyst. ¬†She’s enjoying it quite a bit, and I suspect she’ll finish it early in the week. ¬†If so, we’ll be moving on to The Book Thief. ¬†Grace will finish up her how-to writing unit and begin a new unit on descriptive writing. ¬†As usual, grammar, grammar, grammar.

Math:¬† We’ve (finally) finished reading I Wish I Knew That Math, so we’ll be trying out Math Doesn’t Suck. ¬†Of course, that’s in addition to our regularly scheduled algebra. ¬†It’s IXL and XtraMath all the way for us.

Science:¬† It looks like we’ll be wrapping up chapters in two different science resources this week: Middle School Chemistry (density) and Spectrum Science (science in society).

Social Studies: ¬†We have tons of fun History Pockets for ancient Greece to do, so we’ll be on that for a while longer. ūüôā

Field Trips:  Grace has a science class at the Science Center this week.  Other than that, our travel plans look pretty quiet.

Grace’s Choice: ¬†Who knows what Grace will pick? ¬†Last week she worked on creating her new game, puzzles, and reading.

Have a fantastic week!

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