What We’re Up To…


Here’s what we’re going to be up to this week…tons of fun stuff ahead!

Language Arts:  Grace has started reading The Book Thief…I’m thinking that one will take us through the end of the week.  She’s also working on a new writing unit about descriptive writing (one of her favorites).  Always, always, always with the grammar, too. 🙂

Math:  We have finally worked our way through our algebra topics, so we’re moving on to a review of coordinate graphing and graphs of functions.  Grace has also started reading Math Doesn’t Suck.  So far, she’s enjoying it, and it seems to be a nice little review of some basic concepts.

Social Studies:  We still have quite a few activities with our History Pockets for Ancient Greece, so we’ll be working with those all week.

Science:  We’ll be starting with chapter 4 of Middle School Chemistry…all about atoms and bonding.  Grace will also be tackling the last chapter in Spectrum Science (History and Nature of Science).

Field Trips:  We don’t have any official field trips planned, but we do have some actual work in a field we’re planning.  Grace and I have started a little garden with some unusual methods.  We’ve got some of our seeds started, and, today, we laid out the first layer of our “soil”…which is actually cardboard.  This could be a pretty interesting project. 😀

Grace’s Choice:  Who can say what she’ll choose?  Last week she planted seeds, watched a documentary, a Pi Day celebration, and playing Silly Sentences.

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