What We’ll Be Up To


Last week was full of so much awesome stuff!  Not necessarily the stuff we planned, but awesome stuff nonetheless. 🙂  Because of that, we didn’t exactly get everything on the agenda for last week accomplished, so you may notice some repeat information here. 😉

Language Arts:  Grace is still reading The Book Thief.  (She doesn’t seem particularly impressed at this point, but she’s only about halfway finished.)  She also has some descriptive writing to work on and the ever-present grammar.

Math:  Grace is working on graphing equations.  She’s doing a great job with it, and I predict she’ll finish with the topics this week.  She may be moving on to all sorts of charts-and-graphs-y fun.  Math Doesn’t Suck and XtraMath are also in the plans for the week.

Social Studies:  If all goes according to plan (hahahahaha!), we’ll finish our History Pockets for ancient Greece this week.

Science:  We never quite got to Middle School Chemistry last week, so we’ll be working on that this week.  We’ll also finish up the Spectrum Science that we didn’t quite finish last week. 😉

Grace’s Choice:  Who knows what she’ll choose?  Last week she did a lot of painting (birdhouses and pictures).

Field Trips:  We don’t have anything specific planned, but we do know we’ll be working on our decomposing-cardboard garden…that took us to lots of new places where we learned tons of new things last week, so who knows where we’ll end up??? 😀

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