What We’re Up To


What we’re up to this week is chaos. 🙂  Add together a short school week (Grace’s Spring Break starts Wednesday), a trip to the Literacy Council to help mail out newsletters, an orthodontist appointment, and a late start to the school week (Grace spent the night with Grandma last night, so we’re squeezing in a half-day today)…well, you get chaos.  That’s okay – we adapt to nuttiness pretty well here.  So, here’s what we’ll try to squish into our school time this week:

Language Arts:  We’re going to try to finish reading The Book Thief (fingers crossed) and Grace will complete the final draft of her descriptive essay (to be posted later this week).

Math:  Grace finished her unit on coordinate graphing and has started on charts and graphs.  We’ll keep working on that…and, I hope, add in some Math Doesn’t Suck.

Science:  I think all of our science for the week will take place in the garden/yard.  (We finished up Spectrum Science last week, and I hate to move on to something new just before a long break.)

Social Studies:  We will be finishing up our study of ancient Greece.  Grace put the finishing touches on her History Pockets last week, so this week we’ll be diving into Hands on History.  We’ll also be making ambrosia and nectar. 😀

Grace’s Choice:  Who knows what she’ll choose?  Last week she watched documentaries on deep-sea life, went to a new park, and researched her recipes for ambrosia and nectar.

Community Good:  As mentioned earlier, Grace will be helping the Literacy Council with their newsletter mailing.  She also has a Math-a-thon coming up to raise money for a great cause…more on that after Spring Break.

Grace will also be co-authoring(with me) a guest post to appear in the near future on  The Budget Maven (an excellent blog of a wonderful friend).

I think that should certainly keep us busy. 🙂  Have a great week!

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