What We’re Up To


After almost two weeks off, we’re back to full-speed-ahead style school. 🙂  Here’s what we’re up to this week…

Language Arts:  Grace has started reading Ender’s Game this week…she’s also testing out a Nerd in the Brain literature guide to go along with the book.  She’s just getting started on a compare and contrast writing unit.  Of course, grammar is also in the line up.

Math:  We’re still working on charts and graphs this week.  We may finish up the topics in this area and move to statistics before the end of this week.  As always, we’ll also be playing some games and practicing with XtraMath.  Grace will also be doing some math for fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, but we’ll post more about that in just a few minutes.

Science:  We will carry on with Middle School Chemistry and begin a new unit on life science.

Social Studies:  We have finished up all of our ancient Greece resources, and we’re moving on to ancient Celtic, Roman, and Viking cultures.  We’ll start with a focus on ancient Rome with History Pockets and Hands on History.

Grace’s Choice:  Who knows what she’ll choose?  Right now she’s watching a documentary series about oceans for fun…she’s not showing any signs of stopping in the near future. 😉

Field Trips:  Grace has a science class at the Science Center this week.  Other than that, our field trips will likely be taking place in our back yard. 😉

Have a fantastic week!

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