A Park Kind of Afternoon


It was a beautiful afternoon here, so we decided to go check out a new park.  We haven’t done much park exploring since we moved, so we figured the time had come. 🙂  The park we “discovered” is 100% fabulous, and I’m sure we’ll be returning frequently. 😀  Today was all about hopscotch, geocaching, hiking, exploring, and poking stuff.  Future  visits will include pedal boats, beach time, and mini-golf…woohoo!!!


Playing a little hopscotch.


A nifty bridge on one of the hiking trails.


Playing with the gunk at the edge of the water. 🙂


Fun with the swings!


Hanging out on the dock.


It’s pretty cool that the park gives you a trash bag when you enter. It’s not very cool that this is how much trash we picked up while meandering about.

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