Sacrificing Socks for Science


As part of the science unit we’re currently working on, we’ve been discussing plant reproduction and seed movement. One of our “experiments” to see if we could spot seeds on the move was to put on some white socks and take a little stroll through the yard.   I think my favorite part of all of this was Grace’s response to putting on white socks and walking around outside…she returned to the kitchen carrying a pair of socks and said, “I found a pair of Daddy’s socks.  I think they’ll work best.”  Bwahahaha! 😀


Gathering seeds (we hope!) on the socks.


It’s for science!


Taking a closer look at the funky socks. 😉



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  1. Both of you are goofy girls! Are you sure this is a school lesson? Were Daddy’s socks more productive or didn’t want to mess up Grace’s socks? Ha, ha,ha! Y’all are so funny. I love keeping up with each day’s activities! Love y’all. Grandmamma

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