Chocolate Study Wrap Up


Grace and I had lots of fun with her chocolate study.  We finished up the study by making no-bake cookies this morning. 😀  Though it’s been a very interesting unit study, I’ll be glad to return to a house without so much junk food!  (Grace probably doesn’t agree. 😉 )

In other chocolate study news, we’ve tallied the results of our chocolate survey both here and on Facebook.  You probably won’t be stunned to know that milk chocolate was the overwhelming winner with 50% of the votes.  Sweet dark chocolate came in a distant second with 30.5% of the votes.  Semisweet chocolate had 11.5% of the votes.  Bittersweet and white chocolate tied with 4% each.

I think we’ll post Grace’s story about waking up as an m&m tomorrow. 🙂  Other exciting things for tomorrow?  We’ll be starting our study of owls!  Woohoo! 🙂


The outer shell of the completed folder.


The gooey center of the completed folder. 😉


No-bake cookies in progress.


Not much to look at, but they’re delicious!

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    • Yeah, we thought the chocolate thing was a pretty spiffy idea. 😀 Lots of science, social studies, math and language arts to be combined there. Oh, and the taste testing and cookie making weren’t bad either. 😉

      The folders themselves are from Target. The activity materials are from … I don’t know if you’ve been to that site before, but they have tons of awesome stuff.

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