After finishing up our unit on owls, Grace wanted to check out a snake study. This one was shorter than the owl study, but still packed full of new information for Grace.

Did you know that there are no snakes in New Zealand?  Or that snakes can have from 1 – 100 babies at a time?!?  And did you know that snake scales are made up of the same substance as your fingernails?  Those were some of Grace’s favorite facts. 🙂


I love the picture Grace drew of a snake hatching! 🙂


The front of the snake folder.


The guts of the snake folder. 🙂

Here’s a very shaky, poor quality video I took of a snake in our yard the other day.  Grace wasn’t here for the actual viewing of the snake, but she enjoyed watching the video. 😉

Next week we’ll really put the finishing touches on our snake study by returning to the reptile museum. 😀

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