I’ve decided to break up our field trip pages by year.  Grace and I wander about quite a lot, and I thought it would be easier to keep up with things this way.  🙂  Just like last year, I’m not including each and every time we go to our regular haunts…just the stuff that’s new/rare for us.

Frequently:  Classes and activities at the Nature Center.

Grace loves dissection days! :D

Grace loves dissection days! 😀

December 2012: Playing with snakes at the Reptile Zoo! 🙂

Snake snuggles. :D

Snake snuggles. 😀

November 2012: Learning about Daddy’s (and Grandma’s) hometown.

Exploring Grandma's hometown.

Exploring Grandma’s hometown.

November 2012: Nature Field Day!

Nature Field Day pals.

Nature Field Day pals.


October 5, 2012:  Rural Hill Farm – Maize Maze, hayrides, making toys by hand, and classes about light and heat in the 18th century.  Fun!

October 4, 2012:  We had a great time listening to Rick Riordan speak…lots of great information about writing. 🙂

September 2012 through November 2012:  Ecology classes at the Nature Center twice a month…learning, running around, and having fun!

August 30, 2012: Whitewater Rafting Center:  We watched a rehabilitated osprey release (fabulous!) and a free concert (not quite as fabulous). 🙂  We also enjoyed an taking an evening stroll and watching the kayakers.

August 25, 2012:  NC Zoo:  We had a great time looking at all of the fabulous animals…and we got to feed a giraffe!

August 23, 2012: Jetton Park:  Grace and I needed to gather sand for a math activity…so why not goof off at the park for a while???  Lots of walking, sand-playing, and splashing.

August 2012:  We took a trip to Grandma’s house in Alabama.   While there, Grace had a fantastic opportunity to learn about honeybees from an awesome cousin, David.

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