I’ve decided to break up our field trip pages by year.  Grace and I wander about quite a lot, and I thought it would be easier to keep up with things this way.  🙂

Here you will find an ongoing list of our field trips.  I don’t include every science class or each repeat trip to places we go often…the page would just get too long. 😉  Even if it looks like there are gaps in the dates, trust that we were out in the world during those times. 🙂

May 2012 – August 2012:  I’ve been too slack to document each trip that we’ve taken over the summer.  Instead, I’ll provide a list. 🙂

  • Hatteras Lighthouse
  • Ocracoke Lighthouse
  • British Cemetery (Ocracoke)
  • Wild Ponies (Ocracoke)
  • Camp H2O (Latta Plantation Nature Center)
  • Discovery Place
  • Catawba Science Center
  • Blackberry Picking
  • Aquarium (Roanoke)
  • Latta Plantation Nature Center
  • Historic Latta Plantation
  • Canoeing

April 27, 2012:  Strawberry Picking at a local farm.  Super-fun way to get fresh strawberries and get a reminder that food isn’t something that magically appears at the grocery store. 😉  

April 26, 2012:  Avian Adventure at Discovery Place:  Grace loved looking at and learning about the birds of prey.  She also discovered that the “world’s largest gummy worm” gives her a tummy ache and she longs to have silkie chickens for pets. 🙂

March 14, 2012:  Latta Plantation Nature Center:  Homeschool Hike:  Grace had a great time hiking for a couple of hours.  She saw all sorts of plants and critters that she had questions about.  Nice to have a guide around who knows the answers!

February 25, 2012: Latta Plantation: Underground Railroad:  We participated in a scavenger hunt that taught us tons about the Underground Railroad.  There were also crafts, period costumes, animals, and informational talks to keep us busy.

February 24, 2012: Old Salem: Homeschool Days:  Grace got to learn about crafts from colonial times.  She took classes in pottery, paste paper, quill-writing, and making books.  We met up with some awesome friends there for a big picnic…fun was had by all. 🙂

February 22, 2012: Bloggers’ Open House at Discovery Place:  Grace got to experience her first “press” event. 😉  We were given press passes while we explored Discovery Place…that meant we could take pictures of things we’re not normally allowed to take pictures of!  We enjoyed seeing the Mummies of the World exhibit again, and we took in an Imax movie about tornadoes.

February 14, 2012:  Latta Plantation:  A Victorian Valentine’s Day.  Grace learned about quill-writing, dancing, paper flower-making, and fan “language.”

February 14, 2012:  Latta Plantation Nature Center:  Grace learned to cook over a fire at her outdoor cooking class.  She helped to make stew, cornbread, hot chocolate, and cookies.  Yum!

February 7, 2012:  Latta Plantation Nature Center:  This was our first time geocaching and we loved it!  The class was great…our instructor walked us through finding six different geocaches (we haven’t actually logged them yet because we didn’t have an account, so we couldn’t sign them and make it official).  We had so much fun that we went out after school was over and found four more. 😀

February 2, 2012:  Carolina Raptor Center:  Grace had a great time checking out all of the awesome birds at the Raptor Center.  We had some great discussions about ecosystems while we were there. 🙂  (Sorry for the craziness of the picture…the sun was really not cooperating. 😉 )

January 23, 2012:  Levine Museum of the New South:  A wonderful museum that takes you through local history (NC/SC) of the 20th century through current day.  Grace really loved this place!  Being able to sit at a lunch counter, watch Martin Luther King, Jr. on TV from a “living room,” and work with real cotton were just some of the experiences that she loved.

Note:  We actually did leave the house between December 7, 2011 and January 23, 2012, but we didn’t go to any new locations.  Between Disney, Christmas break, and other scheduling craziness, we only made time for our most favorite of places: Discovery Place, Catawba Science Center, and Hickory Museum of Art. 🙂

December 7, 2011:  World War II Christmas event at Latta Plantation:  We had a fabulous time learning about prisoners of war, rations, Christmas for soldiers, the USO and traditions from the 1940s.

December 6, 2011:  We went for a science walk to document as many plant characteristics as we could find….partially for the fun of it and partially to create our weekly video.  It was a beautiful day for a walk – just enough chill and drizzle to make you appreciate your sweater. 😉

December 5, 2011:  Mummies of the World exhibit at Discovery Place….learning about and seeing the mummies was amazing!  We weren’t allowed to take pictures while in the exhibit, so I’ve included this shot of some playing that took place after viewing the mummies.

December 2, 2011:  Enjoying a tea party…a great cultural event that is wide open for history discussions. 🙂

November 8, 2011:  Grace had a great time at Latta Plantation!  The tour of the house is amazing….tons of awesome information about life in the early 1800s.  Even more than the house, Grace enjoyed the animals….which were abundant and very friendly. 🙂

October 29, 2011:  Spooktacular!  Learning about bats, spiders and creepy-crawlies, playing with owl poo, popping ghost eggs, watching the night sky, and more….all while wearing a costume. 🙂

October 25, 2011:  Reed Gold Mine:  Grace got to try her hand at panning for gold!  We also had fun exploring the mine and learning all about mining techniques, the gold rush, and various minerals….a great social studies and science combo.

October 22, 2011:  Charlotte Nature Museum:  Grace had lots of fun checking out the local wildlife (and telling me if each critter we saw was a vertebrate or invertebrate).  Grace’s daddy and Kylie were able to join us which is always awesome. 😀

October 8, 2011:  Linville Caverns.  A super-fun way to look at some of the formations we discussed in our earth science unit!  (With bonus conversations about the erosion and weathering, plants, water bugs and snails that we took note of in the creek/stream/river bit outside the caverns.)

October 7, 2011:  National Science Celebration with 4-H.  In addition to a guest speaker who is an expert in the area of wind turbines (very appropriate…we just finished a unit on renewable and nonrenewable resources!), there was also an array of science-based projects.  Grace chose to work with the nightlight activity….solder and all. 🙂

September 16, 2011:  A visit to Old Salem to learn about the science and skills of colonial and post-colonial times.

September, 2011:  Hiking trips to look for natural signs of weathering and erosion.

September 1, 2011:  Alexandriana (Birthplace of Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence):  General information about this Declaration of Independence that was written more than a year prior to the one we know today.  Short walking path and letterboxing opportunities.

August 26, 2011:  Guilford Courthouse Military Park: Expanding our knowledge and understanding of Revolutionary War concepts.

August 19, 2011:  Science Center:  With planetarium show schedules in hand, we headed back to the Science Center.  More fun with sting rays, physics, and weather!

August 15, 2011: Discovery Place:  It was back to Discovery Place with us!  Physics and biology were the highlights today.  We still have exhibits in Discovery Place to explore, so we’ll be back!

August 11, 2011:  WNC Nature Center:  We joined up with some fabulous friends for a tour of the Nature Center.  Discussions were had about food webs, producers, consumers, and decomposers….with lots of ohs and ahs about the otters, cougars, wolves, and bears. 😉

July 25, 2011:  Discovery Place:  We spent the afternoon with some wonderful friends (another homeschool family!) at this wonderful science museum.  All the kids had a blast and experienced all sorts of science. 🙂

The dancing iron dust was one of Grace’s favorites. Oh, the fun of electromagnets. 😉

July 21, 2011:  Science Center, Amusement Park Science exhibit and aquarium

July 19, 2011:  We went on our first official field trip today!  Where did we go?  The site of the Battle of Ramsour’s Mill.  It was very interesting to learn about the group of 400 Patriots defeating 1300 Loyalists and the mass graves that may or may not be where they’re marked.

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