“Minerva! Vinerva!  Come here this instant!” the King yelled.  He needed the box they created, for it held things more powerful than all of his greatest armies combined.

“And don’t forget the box.”

His twin daughters walked into the room, carefully carrying a small glowing box that’s color was so extraordinary it couldn’t be explained.  I can only say it was fairly small, and had a picture of a dragon on the front.

The King took the box and stared at the picture on the front.

“Are you sure that I cannot look at the contents of the box before it is destroyed?”

“Yes Father, we are sure.  We did not intend to create such a powerful evil, and it must be destroyed.  If any living being in this world who is not capable of training the creatures lurking inside opens this box, the world would plunge into chaos.”  The two sisters were not normal people, for they had been touched by the gods.  They could create, as well as destroy, kingdoms in a blink of an eye.  Many people would give up everything to get such power, but they do not know how much power they would really have.

“Well, don’t just stand there, open the box and get it over with.  I know that I am capable of holding back whatever the world can throw at me,” the King boasted.  The twins glanced at each other, for they knew that their father was not strong enough to hold anything heavier than gold, so they would not let their box fall into his hands.

“Father, it would be best if you destroyed the box, and there is only one way to do such a thing.  You will have to give it to the gods themselves, for only they know who can destroy the evil, and let out the little good that cowers within.”

“Well then, can you at least tell me what is in the cursed thing?”

Just as the girls were about to whisper what was concealed in the box, Cleo, the messenger, burst into the throne room.

“Sire, please forgive my intrusion, but the maid said that you wanted to speak with me at once, so I had to leave my task at hand and-“

“Silence!  I shall speak with you alone.” The king barked.

Everybody left the room except the princesses and the messenger.

“You wanted to speak to me?” the girl asked, now on one knee, as servants often were when they would speak to the King.

“Yes, I need you to go on a rather dangerous quest for me.  I want you to take this box and carry it to the Western Temple.  There, you will ask the gods to take the box, doing whatever they please with it.  Once you do that, come back to this castle at once.  Understand?”

“I understand, but-“ the King cut her off.

“Good. Now run along.  Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, don’t open the box or all of creation might be destroyed.”

So Cleo and her pet set off to bring the box to the temple to be destroyed.  Along the way, she met many travelers who wanted to steal the box, so she ended up hiding the box in her bag.  Once she reached the temple, she had grown curious about what was really in the box.

“What do you think, Red? Think I should open it?” she asked her fox.  Red looked at the box and barked, nudging the lid with her nose.

“I thought you would agree.”

So Cleo and Red opened the box, and, sure enough, four fully grown dragons bolted out, ready to take the world and make it their own.  The white air dragon flew up into the air, the blue water dragon flew into the sea, the brown earth dragon flew into the nearest canyon, and the red fire dragon flew into a mountain.  All of these dragons created the natural disasters, and from there on out, that world was no longer perfect.  But, the four dragons where not the only thing in the box, there was also a small mouse, called Hope.  Cleo placed the box on the ground and let the mouse scurry out, for as long as they had hope, the people could survive anything.

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