Dear Diary,

          Last night I had a really weird dream.  I was a human!  I had long wings, but they didn’t have feathers.  I had a stubby beak, but it was really soft and I could move it in a strange way.  I had what my mother bird calls teeth and a weird thing that was in the middle of my face, I think it’s called a noise, no a nose.  But the weirdest thing was that I couldn’t fly!  I wasn’t light enough I guess.  Well, my mother bird’s calling me now, so I guess I’ll scratch some more later. 

I flew over to the home tree and called for mother bird.  “Mother!  You called?”

“Yes Miya, dear, I did.  I want you to find your sister, Kilay.  I think she’s over by the owl huts picking berries.  Tell her it’s time for dinner.”

“Mom, why me?  She has like four other sisters!  Is it because I’m the eldest? That’s so unfair!  Go tell Verra or Kittly.  They can almost fly as fast as me.”

“Stop complaining and go get your sister!  I want you to be back by sundown, understand?”

“Yes, Mother,” I said.  I hopped over to the edge of the tree and flew out towards the main owl hut.  That’s where we store the things we find when the oldest birds of the family go out to hunt for mice and bugs.  The owls store the hunted food in the huts to keep them alive until it’s time to eat.  They fear us, us being falcons and all, but some of the braver owls are my friends, like Moon and Sunrise.  They get their names from the time they were hatched.  If I was an owl, I would be named Noon.  Pretty lame name, huh?

The best thing about being a bird is flying.  The wind whips by your wings and you can see the whole world before it can see you.  It’s truly magnificent.

I land on the branch of one of the owl huts.  “Sunrise, have you seen Kilay anywhere?  She flew off picking berries, and now mother bird wants her for dinner.”

“Yeah, I saw her.  She was racing the squirrels, and she was winning.  She went toward the heart of the forest.”

“Thanks, I owe you one.”  I flew over to The Golden Acorn Palace, which is really just the fancy name for the biggest, strongest, and the most beautiful tree in the forest.  I like to call it The Main House.  “Kilay!  Kilay!?  Stop hiding and come on!  Mother wants to see you! It’s time for dinner!  Wait, I know!  If you come out, I’ll race you back home!”

“ONE,TWO,THREE,GO!” Kilay zipped past me and hooted with delight.  “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  You’ll never catch me!”

“No fair!  You got a head start!”

“Too bad, and I don’t care!  Mice, here I come!” she shouted.

I love flying, so the race was really fun.  Have you ever seen a bird flying up in the sky and wondered what it’s like?  Well I can tell you, it is the most awesome thing in the world!  The wind is fast and hard, the sky never ends so you can fly forever, and the sun is warm.  I flew as fast as I could, the sun close to its setting point.  I forced myself to fly faster and faster.  I flapped and glided and flapped and glided, but the home tree was still miles away.  Well, at least I was winning the race.  I wish that I could fly even faster!

Dear Diary,

I had to drag my sister back home because she pulled a muscle in her wing trying to beat me in a race, so I wasn’t in trouble for being late.  I love my sisters, but sometimes I want to strangle them.  Dinner was okay, the mice were only slightly still alive.  I guess we were lucky the owls didn’t eat the mice at all this time.  Man, today has been high-flying!   

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