Ancient Roman Water Clock



To finish up our unit on Ancient Rome, Grace created an Ancient Roman water clock (kind of).  She also worked to solve the “murder” case of Marc Antony, but that didn’t lend itself well to blogging…we’re going to focus on the water clock instead. 😉

In the Roman Senate, speakers were only allowed to talk for a few minutes (no long-winded speeches…nice!), and the time was measured with a water clock.

To make our water clock, we used two cups, craft sticks, binder clips, a push pin, and water.  It was all pretty simple, actually.


Checking out the supplies.



We used binder clips to hold stacks of five craft sticks together. We then checked to make sure the sticks would support a cup properly. (You could use anything to lay across the top cup, really. It just needs to lift the top cup off of the bottom one.)


Then we used our push pin to make a small hole in the bottom of the top cup. (It turned out that this hole was a little too small, so we used our pin to make it just a little bigger.)


Here’s where we started really having fun. We were aiming to have our water clock measure three minutes. We started by filling the top cup with water and letting it run into the bottom cup for three minutes…this gave us an idea of how much water we would need for accurate timing.


Grace waited patiently as we timed the clock a few times, adjusting the amount of water as needed. We got pretty close to what we were aiming for, and we were content with that. 🙂

Now that we’re finishing studying Ancient Rome, we’ll be starting next week off with the Vikings.  Fun!

A Lovely Day for a Hike


Grace and I took advantage of a gorgeous day today by heading to the hiking trails. So many things to discover and ponder!

All sorts of tracks:


“Who made these tracks?!?” she ponders.

Beautiful flowers:



Look closely to spot a fairy ring…encouraged by horse poo. 😉


And other nifty stuff:


Who do we have here?


I do love a nice bridge. 🙂


Exploring interesting formations.


Can you spot our new lizard friend???



To put the finishing touches on our owl unit, Grace and I visited the Carolina Raptor Center. Seeing the owls close up was fantastic! 🙂


So tiny! 🙂







We had to be very, very quiet around these owls because they’re working on owl babies. 🙂

Now that our owl unit is officially complete, we’ll be moving on to snakes!  Hooray! 😀

A Fantastic Father’s Day


We had a fabulous Father’s Day here at the Homeschool Hijinks house! Even though the day was all about Daddy, Grace and I had some fun…and some new learning experiences. 🙂


Daddy got pear trees for Father’s Day! We all learned quite a bit about planting trees correctly … something new for the whole family. 🙂



Something we don’t do often … greasy, grimy fast food deliciousness. 😀


We all enjoyed playing some putt putt at a local park. 😀

Happy Father’s Day again to an incredible husband and father…you’re the awesomest! 😀

One Completed Owl Folder


The owl folder is complete! I love projects like this…the ones where the whole family learns a lot. 🙂 Did you know that a large owl can eat a small deer?!? Or that some owls live for 60 years? It turns out that owls are pretty fascinating! We still have a trip planned this week to visit some owls, and we’re looking into building an owl house, but the unit study folder is finished. 😀




What We’ve Been Up To…


Not a whole lot, actually. 🙂

We had a fantastic week at the beach, and now we’re in full swing with our summer schedule. (Summer schedule = pretty slack, but still getting things done. 🙂 )

We’ve spent most of our school time over the past few days working on an owl unit that Grace requested.


To go along with that, we’re reading Hoot. 🙂


To finish up the owl unit study, we’ll be going to a local Raptor Center to visit the owls.

We’ve also been exploring our yard…so many things to see!



Of course, we’ve been doing some math and social studies, too. (More on that later.)

We hope everyone is having a fabulous week!  We’re looking forward to updating the blog a little more frequently now that we’re back from the beach and back to a “normal” schedule. 😀

Beachy Fun


Sorry you haven’t heard much from us this week…we’re on our annual beach extravaganza. 😀

I thought I would share some pictures while we’re still here…

A house full of friends.


Sometimes really tired friends.


An incredible view.


A crazy dog. (Oh, Frank.)


And wildlife.





And picnics.


Lots and lots of exploration. 🙂



Okay, I’ll stop for now, but our beach adventures will continue! 😀 Have a fantastic week!

Study of Ancient Rome Continues…


We still have a few activities to complete before finishing our study of Ancient Rome, but I thought I would share some of our recent progress. 🙂


Creating a “clay” tablet to practice writing. 🙂


A soldier’s shield.


An eagle standard.


Scipio and the Punic Wars.


Playing a little game about the Appian Way. (Grace beat both Daddy and Frank…yes, the dog has been known to play some fascinating history games. 😉 )


My Day as an M&M

My Day as an M&M

Okay, just one more thing from our chocolate study, I promise. 🙂  Grace’s assignment for this one was to write a short story about waking up to discover she had been transformed into an M&M.  Here’s what she came up with:


“I’m falling!” I shouted, thrusting my arms out and pulling myself out of sleep.

“I’m not falling,” I mumbled.  I reached up to wipe my eyes, but found I could no longer move my arms.  I frowned, trying to pull my arms out from under the covers.  I soon realized that I didn’t have any arms!  I started panicking, flailing any limbs I had.  Suddenly, the smell of melting chocolate filled my head.

I tried turning my head, but instead moved my entire body.  A warm, gooey substance trickled down my back.  Slowly, I realized the chocolate-like aroma was me.  I was made entirely of chocolate!  Better yet, I was really fat with a big “M” printed on me.  I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t pass it on they said,” I hissed.  “No one can turn you into chocolate through the Internet.”  I flipped myself over so my back wouldn’t melt.  I then noticed it was very dark.  Looking around, I saw dozens of other M&Ms around me.  Strangely, I was the only green one.

The walls around me looked like they were cracked and falling until I saw they were made of paper.  Suddenly the ceiling ripped away, and a huge hand reached in.  It grabbed me, pulling me toward my gruesome death.  I squeezed my eyes shut.  I felt myself get closer and closer when, finally, I opened my eyes.

I was back in my bed, limbs attached and candy shell gone.  I passed my palms against my forehead.

“Okay,” I groaned.  “No more chocolate before bed.”