MindSnacks We’ve been using this app to supplement our Spanish activities, and we both think it’s pretty awesome.  This is a great way to practice some basic vocabulary and expressions.  The app uses games, achievements, and lessons to make learning vocabulary fun.  It’s also great to hear the terms spoken clearly.  The app is a little pricier than other apps we’ve used, but I think it’s worth it.  Unlocking all of the lessons costs $4.99.  (MindSnacks is available for several languages.)

Oregon Trail (by Gameloft):  This app is more than just an amusing game if you’re in the process of learning about westward expansion and the Oregon Trail.  There are actually quite a few facts in the game that reinforce the more traditional lessons.  A lot of big names from history make an appearance.  The game is also great for those “planning ahead” skills. 😉  App is currently $0.99.

Stack the States (by Dan Russell-Pinson):  This app is wonderful for learning and reviewing knowledge about the US.  It covers information about identifying the states, as well as their capitals, landmarks, and abbreviations.  The information is presented in such an awesome way that I am guilty of sitting around playing the games just for fun. 😉  App is only $0.99!

Squeebles is an excellent app for practicing multiplication tables.  Your mission is to save the Squeebles from the Maths Monster.  How?  By correctly answering multiplication questions.  Grace seems to really enjoy this method of multiplication practice….she’s been playing this one just for fun. 🙂  App is $0.99.  There are other Squeeble apps available, but we have not tried them yet.

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