Basher Laboratories:  This site goes along with the Basher Books.  There are some pretty awesome games and downloads available here…not to mention lots of information about various topics in science, math, and language arts.

Book Adventure:  An awesome site that allows kids to take reading comprehension quizzes about the books they’ve read.  A reward system is set up based on points earned for correct answers….and you can set up your own rewards for your students/classes.  Customizable by grade and reading level.

eGFI (engineering – Go For It):  This site is great for information about math, science, and engineering for all ages.  The “For Teachers” part has tons of great lesson plans and hands-on activities (searchable by grade level) that can be accomplished without tons of equipment.

Homeschool Math is a wonderful site for practice worksheets for tons of math topics!  I use this site to generate Grace’s daily multiplication practice sheets.  I love the “create your own worksheet” feature….it lets you really target specific areas for extra practice.  There is also information available on curriculum and books.

IXL:  This is a fabulous site for reviewing skills and learning new ones!  We started using IXL this month (April), and I am super-impressed.  Each grade level has tons of topics to tinker with (5th grade has over 260), and the topics have great questions.  The questions are frequently not multiple choice, so your student has to actually know the answer to type it in instead of just making a good guess.  IXL also provides different types of questions for each topic, rather than doing the same thing over and over and over…  IXL really makes you work for the “mastery” label on a skill – you’re student has to prove he/she knows the topic before earning the label.  Grace also loves the virtual prizes and printable certificates for completing tasks and goals on the site.  There is a membership fee of $9.95/month (siblings only cost an additional $2.00 each), but, so far, I really feel like this site is worth it.  Since the site goes from pre-K to algebra, it’s great for a huge range of ages.

Middle School Chemistry This site is absolutely fantastic for middle school chemistry, and it’s free.  Lesson plans are available in an order that makes sense!  The lesson plans include student reading, teacher instructions, student activity sheets, links to relevant media samples, experiment plans…the works.

National Geographic Kids is an excellent site for letting kids explore all sorts of science and social studies topics.  The site is updated frequently and has a tremendous amount of appropriate and interactive content.

Shelfari has been an excellent resource for our school.  We’ve set up an account just for homeschool hijinks and use it to track all of our books for school.  In addition to having a tidy account of what we’ve read so far, shelfari allows you to set and track a reading goal.  Our goal for the year?  100 books….according to shelfari, we’re ahead of pace, so it should be no problem. 😉

Super Teacher Worksheets:  A great site for worksheets and activities in most subjects for elementary school (and a little beyond).  And it’s free!

XtraMath:  This is a really awesome site for practicing basic arithmetic facts.  The program is designed to only take a few minutes a day and work at the student’s pace.  It has little videos to explain the program and directions to the user, so a student can work independently.  The site monitors progress (you can view your child’s reports anytime) and emails a weekly report.  You also get an email if your student hasn’t been on the site in a few days.  And it’s free!

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