Some of these places are real no-brainers, but they are worth mentioning just in case you may have forgotten about them.  Some have resources you may not have been aware of.  I’ll try to keep the list general and free of specifics since you may be reading this from a location nowhere near us. 😉

Historical Sites:  No matter where you live, there is probably a part of American history near you.  One little google search can let you know about tons of historical battles, establishments, and events in your area.  Just finding out more about the history of your own town can lead to some great discussions and activities.  How did your town play a part in American history?  How was your town affected by the national events?

Local Art Museums:  In addition to fabulous exhibits (which can tie into your curriculum more than you might think), your local art museum may also offer homeschool art classes.  A museum in our area offers monthly classes covering a variety of art endeavors….I’m sure they’re not alone in this offering.  It’s worth checking out your local art museums (or galleries) for relevant exhibits, activities, and classes.

Local Library:  It actually took me a few weeks to realize what a great resource the library could be for homeschool.  The juvenile nonfiction section has been a tremendous resource for supplementary material that is age-appropriate.  Many libraries also have documentaries available for check out.  And, of course, there are more reading opportunities than you can shake a stick at.  Whenever Grace picks up a new interest, off to the library I go to find more resources for her.  It’s a great way to expose her to more ideas without having to buy a gajillion books.

Parks/Nature Centers:  If there is a park or nature center near you, it is definitely worth checking out their web site for a schedule of events.  We have found tons of science and social studies related classes for homeschool at our local Nature Center.  The classes are usually very reasonably priced, and full of hands-on and outdoor activities.

Science Museums:  Science museums and centers are great for field trips.  Some museums update their exhibits and shows often and are worth fairly frequent visits.  I suggest getting a membership at your favorite science center or museum.  You will usually get free entry with a membership and a discount for any special events.  You may also want to call the museum or search their website for homeschool science classes.  Grace participates in science classes at two local museums.  The classes are once a month and provide way more resources than we could provide at home.

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