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Buford Massacre of 1780


Today, as my last little bit of school, Emily and I went out geocaching. We didn’t find any caches, but we did stumble upon the Buford Massacre of 1780 Memorial, which neither of us had even heard of before. Apparently, it was a big battle with 350 American soldiers against an unknown amount of British troops. It’s said that the American soldiers surrendered, but were attacked anyway. The information said: 113 patriots died, 150 were wounded (but most died due to their injuries), and 53 were captured. Only a few escaped on horseback.

Also on the site was a small grave surrounded by rocks with a small tombstone. From what we could tell, it belonged to someone called Little A.F. Plyler. He/She only lived from 1891 to 189?. We couldn’t make out the last digit. We also weren’t sure why that grave was there.

There was also a Buford Battleground Memorial just a few feet away. That was all we saw, but it was really cool to find something like that without even trying.


The Massacre Memorial

The Massacre Memorial

The Buford Battle Memorial

The Buford Battle Memorial

A.F. Plyler's grave

A.F. Plyler’s grave



A Lovely Day for a Hike


Grace and I took advantage of a gorgeous day today by heading to the hiking trails. So many things to discover and ponder!

All sorts of tracks:


“Who made these tracks?!?” she ponders.

Beautiful flowers:



Look closely to spot a fairy ring…encouraged by horse poo. πŸ˜‰


And other nifty stuff:


Who do we have here?


I do love a nice bridge. πŸ™‚


Exploring interesting formations.


Can you spot our new lizard friend???



To put the finishing touches on our owl unit, Grace and I visited the Carolina Raptor Center. Seeing the owls close up was fantastic! πŸ™‚


So tiny! πŸ™‚







We had to be very, very quiet around these owls because they’re working on owl babies. πŸ™‚

Now that our owl unit is officially complete, we’ll be moving on to snakes!Β  Hooray! πŸ˜€

A Park Kind of Afternoon


It was a beautiful afternoon here, so we decided to go check out a new park.Β  We haven’t done much park exploring since we moved, so we figured the time had come. πŸ™‚Β  The park we “discovered” is 100% fabulous, and I’m sure we’ll be returning frequently. πŸ˜€Β  Today was all about hopscotch, geocaching, hiking, exploring, and poking stuff.Β  FutureΒ  visits will include pedal boats, beach time, and mini-golf…woohoo!!!


Playing a little hopscotch.


A nifty bridge on one of the hiking trails.


Playing with the gunk at the edge of the water. πŸ™‚


Fun with the swings!


Hanging out on the dock.


It’s pretty cool that the park gives you a trash bag when you enter. It’s not very cool that this is how much trash we picked up while meandering about.

Painting Birdhouses: A Descriptive Essay


Grace has been working hard on her descriptive writing.Β  Her most recent assignment was to write about an outing or experience with family or friends.Β  She chose to write about purchasing and painting our birdhouses last week. πŸ™‚Β  Here’s what she had to say…in all of its descriptive, detailed glory. πŸ˜€


Gravel crunched underfoot. I pushed the heavy glass door aside as the smell of cinnamon and cheap air freshener filled my nose. Emily and I walked through the craft store, trying to spot the birdhouses. We came to a halt in a narrow aisle with woodworking supplies on either side. Emily scanned the houses, ruling out the expensive or ugly ones.


β€œWhich ones do you want?” she asked, nodding toward the birdhouses.


β€œUmmm, how about these two?” I suggested, picking up two rough wooden houses. One was rounded, and the other had windows and a fake door. Emily nodded.


β€œAlrighty, one more,” she said. She knelt down and plucked up a house with two holes for the birds to sit in. I smiled. We walked over to the paint, picking only a few shades of blue, yellow, brown, and white with two packs of brushes. We were quick to get them home.


As soon as we opened the door, the soft sound of clicking claws echoed throughout the house. Frank circled our legs like a shark, his shredded raccoon toy in his mouth and his tail wagging like crazy. Emily draped a huge black trash bag over the table, laying out all the houses and paint. As she lay the paper plates out, I sat down and pulled up a house. Emily sat down across from me. We each picked our paint and squeezed out the colors we wanted.


I dipped my sponge brush into the thick puddle of brown paint, getting way more than I needed. Not sure what to do, I pressed the side of the brush against the plate until some of the paint seeped out. I leaned in closer, the paint fumes filling my head. I applied a sloppy layer of paint onto the roof, trying to make as few mistakes as possible. In no time, the entire house was covered in brown and white. I looked up. Emily had both of her birdhouses finished and had left the table. I laughed. Maybe I hadn’t finished that fast after all.



Last Week in Pictures


We had a fantastic week last week! Β Here’s the evidence:

Last Week in Pictures


We did so much fun stuff last week! Β I won’t bog you down with a giggledy-jillion pictures, but here are some of the highlights:

The Week in Pictures


We’re a little late with this this week. Β We’ve had a hectic (but good) couple of days, so I’m trying to get all caught up on stuff. πŸ™‚ Β Here’s some of the awesome stuff we did last week:

The Week in Pictures


Here are some of the things we packed into our days last week. πŸ™‚

The Week in Pictures


Lots of fun was had this week! Β So much fun, actually, that I had to hold back on the pictures. πŸ™‚ Β Don’t worry…I’ll go into some of our activities in more detail throughout the week.