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Today we went hiking.  We found a quartz rock and took it home.  We washed it, we dipped it in vinegar, and went online to see what kind of rock it is.  I named it Furgie! 😛  We found Furgie on the hiking trail.  We were looking for rocks and thought that Furgie was pretty good (plus it was the only rock not stuck in the ground).  I’m going to make this short today, but the hike was awesome.  If you would like to see it yourself, go to Latta Plantation in North Carolina.  The trails are smooth and easy to walk on.  It’s sort of  twisty.  I love hiking!<3  (And we found a letterbox!)

Here's our new rock taking a bath in some vinegar.




Today we went letterboxing.  Letterboxing is a hobby where you..you..uh…it’s sort of  hard to explain. 

  1. Go to www.atlasquest.com and create an account.  You will need a pen, stamp, logbook, and something to hold it all.
  2. On the website, look for letterbox clues.
  3. Print the clues and set out.
  4. Follow the clues and find the letterbox.
  5. Stamp the logbook that is in the box.
  6. Write your letterbox initials and date near your stamp.
  7. Hide the box in the same spot.
  8. You have successfully found your first letterbox!

So yeah, that’s what we did today.


Hello!  Emily here.  I just wanted to point out that we are actually using letterboxing as an educational activity. 😉  For example, we went to a park devoted to Meck Deck today to learn more about the document annnnnd find letterboxes. 😀