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An Ancient Chinese Poem…From Today


Today’s post was originally going to be about Grace’s Ancient China folder or some of our most recent science experiments, but then Grace did something super-awesome, so I’m going to share that instead.  (Don’t worry…that other stuff will make it to the blog soon.)  In Social Studies, we’ve started a Hands On History lesson about Ancient China.  As part of the lesson, Grace is creating several “artifacts” from various dynasties.  One of her “artifacts” was a Yeuh-Fu poem.  Some of the characteristics of Yeuh-Fu poetry are lines that rhyme and imagery from nature.  After reading an example and choosing a theme (life is fragile like a spider’s web), this is what Grace came up with:


As the silk ripples

With raindrops round

Wind rages and changes,

Yet we are bound

To fall to the cold, hard ground.

The webs spiders spin

And mortal men’s skin

Still dying without a sound.


Wow, right?!?!  I think she did such a fantastic job with this assignment. 😀  I did help her out with some punctuation when we typed it up for the blog, but here’s a picture of her original:


A Poem for Our Feline Friends


Grace is continuing to use History Pockets to learn about the history of Egypt.  One of her assignments today was to write a poem about cats since they were so very important to the Egyptian people.  She chose to do an acrostic poem…she thought using the word “CAT” was kind of a punk out, so she went with “FELINE” instead. 😉  The picture of the poem is a bit blurry, so I’ll type it out for you first. 🙂

Faster than a human

Easily you glide

Lazily you succeed

In moving faster than the eye

Naughty little mouse, beware

Easy dinner you are for a FELINE!!


Also…don’t forget that tomorrow is the last day to enter your answer for a chance to win a signed copy of The Mark of Athena!

Locomotion Book Review


I just finished reading Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson.  It’s about a boy named Lonnie Collins Motion and his life without his parents.

Lonnie Collins Motion used to live with his mother, father, and little sister, but that all changed when his parents died in a fire.  Now he’s living with his foster mom, Miss Edna, visiting his sister, Lili, and expressing himself through poems.

With the help of his teacher, Miss Marcus, Lonnie finds that living with Miss Edna isn’t that bad and that life will go on.

I really enjoyed this book because of the way it was written, entirely in poems.  Lonnie writes about everything, good or bad.  That really helps the reader understand Lonnie.

My favorite character in the book is Miss Marcus, because she’s always there for Lonnie.  She’s kind, helpful, and she understands Lonnie like almost no one else does.

Happy reading!


Greek Mythology Pockets: Sun Poem


This week we started Greek Mythology pockets.  We read the story “Phaeton and the Sun Chariot” yesterday, so we did a project on it today.  We made a sun that can move across a blue construction paper sky. I won’t tell you how we made it, because it would ruin the mystery. ;^)

I also wrote a Cinquain poem to go with the sun.


Beautiful, bright

Our little star

Bringing warmth to us


Oh, and one more thing.  I’ve decided that I will post the third part of “The Escape” this week.


Gold Fever!


I know Grace already blogged today, but she did such a good job writing a poem for social studies today….I just wanted to share it. 🙂  We were working on “The Gold Rush” section of our History Pockets today.  One of the assignments was an acrostic poem (the type where the first letter of each line is a letter from a relevant word or phrase).  The phrase for Grace’s poem was “GOLD FEVER.”  This is what she came up with:

Gold!  I have found gold!

Off we go to find more.

Long trips are worth it.

Days pass, yet no gold!

Finish searching, then start again.

Every second counts!

Very hard work, indeed.

Every breath hurts.

Return home, for the gold rush has ended.


I think she did a great job with the assignment. 😀


We decided to use yellow paper for everything in this pocket to represent gold. 😀