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Question of the Week


Favorite Reading Material Poll Results


A while ago, Emily and I asked you guys what your favorite type of book was: fantasy, realistic fiction, mystery, etc. The results are in!!!


The most popular type of book was realistic fiction with 26.5% of the votes. The first runner up was fantasy with 20.6%.


Strangely, one of the least favorite types of book is science fiction. I would’ve thought science fiction was a little more popular. It got 5.9% of the votes, with poetry close behind with 2.9%. Oh well, that doesn’t mean I can’t still love it!


The results, in order, are realistic fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, nonfiction, autobiography/biography, mystery, science fiction, and poetry.


Happy reading!

Our First Poll Question


Grace and I thought it would be fun to start putting some questions out there for our readers (both here and on Facebook).  Sometimes Grace will be graphing the results.  Sometimes Grace will create her own questions based on a topic she’s working one.  Sometimes the questions will just be for fun.  So, here’s our first question for you (you can choose up to three responses):

If you would rather respond to the poll on Facebook, you can find us here.

Thanks for responding! 🙂