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Our First Card


Because we had a long and exciting day (a fun one!), I’ve cut Grace some slack on blogging for today.  Instead, I thought I would post a picture of the very first postcard we received from postcrossing:

As you can probably tell, the card is from Kentucky. 😉  Grace was very excited to see her first card…..we’re both looking forward to seeing and sending more.  She’ll be back at blogging tomorrow….I promise. 😀




Today we started postcrossing!!  Postcrossing is when you go to the website, create an account (or log in), and select ”send post card.”  After that, look at the address and the paragraph about the person that you are sending it to, find a post card that you think the person will like, write a message on the back, and send a post card!  Be sure to include your ID number that you get on the web site so that the person receiving it can record it.  Today, Emily and I sent postcards to people in Russia, Belarus, and New Zealand.  I love postcrossing!:-D  If you would like to start postcrossing, go to www.postcrossing.com.

This is the very first post card we sent out .... it went to New Zealand. 🙂