Skills and Topics: September 4 – September 7


Next week promises to be another busy, busy one.  We’ll only be having a four-day week due to the holiday, but we still hope to accomplish tons. 😉

  • Language Arts:  Grace will continue reading the Harry Potter series…she’s well into the sixth book.  She’ll also still be practicing her nonfiction writing with a cause and effect sample.  In reading our focus will be on context clues.
  • Math:  We’ll be tackling two Perfectly Perilous Math challenges that will take us into the worlds of criminals on trains and pyramid schemes.  Finishing up with exponents and square roots and starting with consumer math are also on the agenda.
  • Science:  Grace will be finishing up her “Foundations of Chemistry” folder this week.  I’ll be sure to post pictures when she’s finished.  She’ll also continue reading It’s Perfectly Normal.
  • Social Studies:  We’ve finished up our study of Mesopotamia and will be heading into the fascinating world of ancient Egypt.  Grace will be working on some background information before beginning a Hands on History lesson.  (She’ll be “building” and “running” an Egyptian city…pyramids and all!)
  • Spanish:  Colors, shapes, and greetings are in our future.
  • Grace’s Choice:  Well, we’ll just have to wait to see what she chooses. 😉  This week she chose extra reading, a math documentary (The Story of 1), watching a rehabilitated osprey be released, and a hike.  😀

Yep, that should keep us busy!  I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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