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The Week(s) in Pictures


And we’re back to blogging!  Grace had a fantastic visit with Grandma, but we’re back to all of that pesky school stuff tomorrow. 😉

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks:

Last Week in Pictures


We had a fantastic week last week!  Here’s the evidence:

Tear Away the Sky


We’re currently studying ancient Greece, and one of Grace’s recent assignments was to write a “mixed up” myth.  She randomly picked two Greek gods, a setting, and a problem…then she was off into myth writing.  I think she’s done a splendid job with it. 🙂  Enjoy!

Tear Away the Sky

One day, the great god Apollo sat atop Acropolis staring into the blank night. He had finished his flight across the sky, and the Earth was shrouded in darkness. He sighed, wishing for some form of light that would allow him to gaze upon the lush fields and smooth lakes. He knew that Mother Earth, or Gaea, had sewn the night sky to protect her people from being burned by the blinding light of the heavens, but Apollo didn’t care. He wanted to see. Suddenly, an idea appeared in his head. He called for his sister, Artemis. A single deer trotted to him. Her fur was a shimmering gold, and a thin silver band was snugly fitted to her head. Apollo smiled.


Sister, you do not need to wear such costumes. No human dwells here.” The deer glowed a blinding silver, and the Goddess of the Hunt took its place, the silver band still on her head. Artemis frowned.

Why have you called me here?” she asked. Apollo pointed at the sky.

I need you to tear the night from the sky; it makes my only free time dark and dreary.”

Artemis tensed. “ I cannot help you; even my arrows cannot pull the blanket away.” Apollo stood.

Maybe one of your immortal maidens can. They have immense power,” Apollo suggested. Artemis sighed.

If you wish”She called out to her huntresses, and a huge group of girls ran to their goddess’s aid.

What do you need?” the maidens asked, and Artemis pointed to the sky.

Whoever can pull away the night will be crowned Leader of the Hunt!” the goddess shouted. The maidens gasped. A tall girl with spiky hair shoved her way forward. She pointed her bow at the sky, pulling her fingers to her temple. Her arrow shot upward, ripping a small hole in the night. A thin stream of light burst from the heavens, but the blanket still hovered. Several other girls tried, but only few even reached the sky. Apollo stepped forward.

Sister, get all of your huntresses to shoot at once. Maybe then the blanket will fall.” Artemis smiled. She gathered her bow and pointed it at the sky. The huntresses did the same. She released, and 1,000 arrows shot forward, each piercing the sky. Tiny lights littered the night, with a gaping hole where the goddess’s arrow had gone. The land was filled with light. Ever since then, Apollo would sit on Acropolis and gaze at the fields with the newly formed stars lighting the land.


How to Weave on a Simple Loom


Since one of the activities in my mythology pockets is to weave on a loom, I’ve started weaving.  It’s a really fun way to keep your brain busy.  The best part is that weaving is just as fun as playing video games!  Okay, so maybe not that fun, but it’s still cool.  If you want to learn about weaving in two simple steps, read the blog below.

How to Start Weaving

Things You Need

  • Loom
  • Needle
  • Comb
  • Thread and Yarn


What to do

  1. Take your loom and make a knot in the bottom left hole.  After that, tightly thread your white thread across a hook on the top.  Then, thread it through the hook directly below. Repeat this process until your base is as wide as you wish. Tie a knot in the top right corner when finished.
  2. Take your colored thread and thread it through the needle.  Then, weave through the white thread, starting in the middle, and using an over-under pattern.  When you reach the end of the row, use the comb to press the thread down.  Start where you left off, making sure you don’t pull the thread too tightly or too loosely.  Use an opposite under-over pattern and repeat.

Well, that’s all I know so far, but I’ll learn and post more as I go along.  Happy weaving!



Perseus and the Gorgons Newspaper Article


Grace’s assignment was to write a newspaper article about Perseus.  Wordpress doesn’t seem to like the formatting she used, so we scanned a hard copy and saved it as a jpeg before adding it here…gives it a nice, newspaper-y feel, don’t you think? 🙂